Sustainability report

Hansel’s values

Hansel’s corporate culture is founded on values that affect everything that happens in the workplace. The common value base is used as a management tool in our organisation. Values that have been formulated together and therefore effectively internalised provide a firm foundation for corporate culture and workplace development.

During 2014, an extensive discussion was held on values in Hansel, with the objective of questioning the current values and making changes where necessary. All Hansel employees were invited to join the discussion, which took place in several forums for around six months.

Active discussion

Several methods were used to collect feedback on values. A lively discussion began in a microblog service, after which employee feedback was collected through a value survey.

The results showed that the existing values – co-operation, expertise and corporate responsibility – had been internalised and were considered suitable for Hansel. Some improvements were hoped for that would make the values more consistent with the company’s operations.

All personnel took part in the value discussions at Hansel’s summer day. Employees were divided into small groups to discuss and suggest new values and a new service commitment.

Descriptive values for Hansel

After extensive discussions, a decision was made to revise the values. The new values are “Responsible Expert” and “Efficient Partner”. These values are an integral part of co-operation with customers and supplier, and within the organisation.